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Regardless of your need, we have the solution.

Vessel Transport/Captain for hire.

-Multi-discipline captains with licenses ranging from 100 to Unlimited ton vessels.

-Specializing in deliveries and onboard training for owners and operators. 

Shipping / Receiving / Warehousing Consulting

-We take the guesswork and hassle out of getting project materials onsite.

-Requisition and Purchasing consultations


-Government Property compliance training and procedure reviews. (FAR/ DFAR)

-Sustainability / Maintainability

Technical Documentation  

-Curriculum design and Instruction

-Configuration Management 

-Safety program design and implementation.

-Standard operating procedure design

-Ship/Location Specific Emergency Response Plan development.

- Ship/Port specific security response plan development

-Emergency management, development and planning.

-Job specific handbook design.

-Equipment specific technical manual design.

-Safety audits and corrective actions.

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