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Specialty part manufacturing

  • From concept to tolerance stacks, our engineers and drafters are standing by to ensure your parts work the first time, everytime. 

  • We work with various specialty machining and welding manufacturers. Bringing capabilities ranging from Navy Pressure Vessel and Structural certified welders to the versatility of 5 axis mills and CNC machining.  

Corrosion Engineering

  • The "sea" is one of the harshest environments, short of space. Relax and let us design your equipment for long lasting use. From the base metal to a cathodic protection system and coatings, we will ensure the right combination to fit your needs.

Integration and Testing

  • Let us take you to the field and manage the hassle of integrating new parts into your designs. Our team is well versed in the testing and analysis process that follows a change order or part revision.

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